version 6.0 of GpsarPro is again compliant with Linux.
version 6.0 of GpsarPro should fix the false positive virus detection encountered since March 2022 on some systems.
version 6.1 includes 2 seconds and 50km results

Tips about how to launch GpsarPro

Note : if Java is not installed on your computer, you will have to install it (google "install Java").

First, you have to download the distribution with the link below (in the "GpsarPro downloads" section). You will get a zip archive (for instance "")that you have to unpack using any dedicated software such as WinZip, 7Zip, or so, if your system doesn't unpack it automatically.
Then, you'll get a new folder named "distributionGpsarPro". In this folder, you'll have to launch the Java application called "gpsarPro.jar".

On some systems, such as recent MacOsX or Windows, you may be stopped when launching gpsarPro by double clicking on gpsarPro.jar the system saying this software comes from a unknown developer:

In such a case, you just have to right-click on gpsarPro.jar, then choose "open with" and "jar launcher" and accept :

GpsarPro downloads :

Software :
  • Download GpsarPro 6.1 September the 3'rd 2022. You get a free 60 days trial period. See "Licence" section for more information and see how to buy it.

Manuals, in PDF format (right-click and "save as") : Manuals, as videos (up to date to GpsarPro 4) :

Gpsar "classic" download :

Besides GpsarPro (since september 2007), Gpsar "classic" version still exists.

This version is no longer supported, GpsarPro development taking all my time, and won't improve anymore (latest is from April 2007). The use of this software is free, even after one month.