Cross platform (Windows, Mac, Linux) software for sport GPS Tracks replays, or live tracking, with dedicated performance analysis tools (regatta, vmg, speed, etc.)

A complete all-in one tool for GPS tracks analysis

Live GPS tracking is available with GpsLive service

Live demos are done while training on the water, once or several times a week, see Get more details about the system here

Brochure tarifaire pour la France : brochure Gps Live

Great step was acheived with GpsarPro released the 9th february 2008, with Live Player service.
Get your Regatta or your speed attemps avalaible in true time via Internet.
All Regatta and/or speed results computed live, during the race.
This service is available via GpsarPro 2.0 to GpsarPro 5.1 for full access, or with an applet available on the web.
Runs with any Nokia GPS phone (including 6110 navigator, 6210 navigator, N95, N97, and so on...). May run with other Java GPS phones.
Can also run with bluetooth Java phone (for instance Nokia 3110 GSM), combined with a bluetooth GPS (for instance Holux GPSlim240, see photo).

The system has been successfully used during the "Orange Speed Crossing" in Leucate (April 2010). You can see the replays here : OSC 2010.
Contact for info or demo :

  • Is your GpsarPro up to date ? Latest : 5.9 (April 2015, the 3'rd)

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