Join the Live play (or last replay)

Since GpsarPro 2.0 release (February 2008), GpsarPro provides "Live GPS Tracking", with many features.

This new service relies on GSM (GPRS data) technology to transfer data remotely, combined to GPS positionning (bluetooth GPS, or phone-build-in GPS), so that anybody can use it for its own use and/or racing with others, at low costs.

Here are some features of this service :

  • One to any tracks can be tracked simultaneously
  • Several tracks can be combined into a race event
  • Regatta module of GpsarPro is compliant with live service : get your Regatta played live with its marks (buoys, lines, etc.), and ranked with instantaneous ranking updated (at each mark, for each racer), and auto-centering on leader.
  • VirtualRun module has same facilities, for speed sailing 500 meter official runs : get all the runs and their speeds as soon as the racers pass the line.
  • One point per second for smooth tracks, or one points per two-seconds for lower costs (see "price" section)
  • Only 30 to 40 seconds lag from water to screens worldwide on the net. This can be shorten to seconds if the price isn't a problem.
  • Live playing directly from GpsarPro 2.0 or later standalone application for full access to the functions, or through an applet live viewer on the web with main views for people not having the software installed
  • Monthly or yearly subscription to the service. Contact me for special needs.
  • Works everywhere a GSM/GPRS connection is enabled (no need for faster connection than GPRS, the bandwith for trackpoints is very tiny)

This acheivement is the result of two years of development, since GpsarPro has been developped from scratch in this intent. It's the reason why all features of the software are compliant with the "live service".