Show a race (Regatta, Speed event) worlwide, live

GpsarPro Live Service is much more than a tracking system.

Of course, as a tracking system, it shows several tracks simultaneously. But, moreover, it enables Regatta/Speed Analysis and results live.

As shown in the "Regatta" section of this site, you can get a race shown and analyzed :

Regatta played with instant results and auto-centering

Moreover, the force of GpsarPro Live is to enable live regatta settings. What is it ? The problem of regatta on water is that contrary to ground (and not wind depending) events, you know the marks positions just before the race begins. So, setting the marks into the application can't be done previoulsy, and sometimes only once race is started. Never mind, you can set or adjust marks even after race start, and all results are computed or re-computed instantly on each remote computer ! Of course, you must be an admin to do so.

The same is true for Speed Runs, where you can set a new run within the live playing...

For remote spectators, they can either click on the applet URL you indicate them, or, if they use the standalone application, enter the name (ID) of the race you've provided to them, in the special "live manager" window of GpsarPro :

Once the race Id is entered, the "live manager" indicates the time from last data sent by each racer, and the live play is stated :

The live replay in 2D-screen :

And the results are shown in the same time (here speed results, see regatta section or above to see how regatta results look like) :