How much does it cost ?

The cost is to be separated in three things :

  1. Hardware, as described in previous section.
  2. GPRS Data connection TELECOM cost, depending on your GSM-phone subscription.
  3. GpsarPro Live Service Subscription

Here are the details :

  • Hardware cost is once forever, and depends on what you already have. Very affordable brand new GPS Phones are available (about 150 euros for Nokias). Second hand devices are available for less than 100 euros (see for instance Nokia 6110 navigator).

  • Data connection cost depends on your country and your mobile provider. For instance, in France, most providers offer a 15 Mo/month for an additional cost (over your "voice GSM" subscription) about 10 euros. Data transfer is enhanced so that it is as cheap as possible. Roughly, for a 1 point / sec rate, the data weight is about 0.5 to 0.7 Mo / hour. And for a 2 points / sec rate, the data weight is about 0.25 to 0.4 Mo / hour. Hence, with a 15Mo offer, you get hours and hours per month.

  • GpsarPro live subscription depends on the country and the number of devices. For France, you'll find the prices below. For other countries than France, contact me for details.