Formula windsurfing aims at top performance from 8 to 20+ knots upwind and downwind. The board is 100 cm wide, 230 cm long, the fin is 70 cm long, and the sail is about 11 sq.meter.

Track shape overview

Polar/VMG diagram

Upwind and Downwind Analysis

Typical behaviors over 2000 meters



Typical values over 2000 meters

NameDateWind directionTackSpeedVMGAngle to windLengthDuration


Sun Aug 08 05:01:09 CEST 200418Port14,4176,875622150,869290,000


Sun Aug 08 04:51:47 CEST 200418Port14,0938,095552001,006276,000


Sun Aug 08 04:45:03 CEST 200418Starboard14,1826,774622028,268278,000


Sun Aug 08 05:17:58 CEST 200418Port20,490-10,9601222076,617197,000


Sun Aug 08 05:23:05 CEST 200418Starboard19,367-9,0721182012,624202,000


Sun Aug 08 05:34:21 CEST 200418Port21,506-10,0251162013,608182,000

Apparent wind analysis



The apparent wind is of course very front oriented. Its speed ranges from 27 to 29 knots, with a 18 real wind.

As you can see here, the apparent wind speed can be lower than real wind (16 knots compared to 18), and moreover to board's speed (about 22 knots): less wind in your face than if your was standing on beach!

Another important point here with windsurfing is that apparent wind always comes in front of you, even when going downwind. The apparent direction is somehow comparable to the one of upwind course, but with less power in the sail.

The Apparent wind direction changes radically from one tack to the other (much more than on the upwind example)

Top speeds auto analysis

5 best 500 meter (at least) average = 43,8km/h [23,7Knots]

500 meter run n1 = 45,2km/h [24,4Knots] (527,2 m. in 42,0 s.)
500 meter run n2 = 44,0km/h [23,8Knots] (501,0 m. in 41,0 s.)
500 meter run n3 = 43,5km/h [23,5Knots] (652,4 m. in 54,0 s.)
500 meter run n4 = 43,4km/h [23,4Knots] (578,3 m. in 48,0 s.)
500 meter run n5 = 43,1km/h [23,3Knots] (538,4 m. in 45,0 s.)

5 best 1852 meter (at least) average = 41,4km/h [22,4Knots]

1852 meter run n1 = 43,3km/h [23,4Knots] (1874,9 m. in 156,0 s.)
1852 meter run n2 = 41,3km/h [22,3Knots] (1883,2 m. in 164,0 s.)
1852 meter run n3 = 41,1km/h [22,2Knots] (1861,7 m. in 163,0 s.)
1852 meter run n4 = 40,8km/h [22,0Knots] (1982,8 m. in 175,0 s.)
1852 meter run n5 = 40,7km/h [22,0Knots] (1922,5 m. in 170,0 s.)

5 best 3600 second (at least) average = 11,4km/h [6,1Knots]

3600 second run n1 = 31,3km/h [16,9Knots] (31306,6 m. in 3601,0 s.)
3600 second run n2 = 25,5km/h [13,8Knots] (25550,9 m. in 3602,0 s.)

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