These data comes from a GPX kindly provided by Karen Scheider. He wrote about it:
"The 49er was sailed in about 10-18 knots by my friend Dennis Jones, as mentioned before he is a very accomplished sailor having sailed (and won) at international level numerous times including americas cup here in fremantle in 1987 with kookaburra.this file should be a very good representation of the 49er's abillity in expert hands. p.s the term '3 of a kind'refers to an annual regatta sailed here in perth it is a race between different classes such as 14 foot skiffs etc,dennis has won this outright for 4 years now."

Track shape overview

Polar/VMG diagram

Upwind and Downwind Analysis

Typical behaviors over 500 meters



Typical values over 500 meters

NameDateWind directionTackSpeedVMGAngle to windLengthDuration


Sun Mar 13 06:14:25 CET 2005223Starboard4,8843,49341502,487200,000


Sun Mar 13 06:17:53 CET 2005223Port9,4646,26949506,366104,000


Sun Mar 13 06:22:20 CET 2005223Starboard13,307-9,613135506,57174,000


Sun Mar 13 06:25:20 CET 2005223Starboard10,6617,62445504,58592,000


Sun Mar 13 06:35:06 CET 2005223Port15,090-12,545144512,34166,000

Apparent wind analysis



I'm waiting for any specialist comments to include here...

Here again, I'm waiting for specialist comments. I just remark that apparent wind comes from front, as for windsurfing, since 49' generate a lot of speed and apparent wind.

Top speeds auto analysis

5 best 250 meter (at least) average = 29,7km/h [16,0Knots]

250 meter run n1 = 30,1km/h [16,2Knots] (250,8 m. in 30,0 s.)
250 meter run n2 = 29,9km/h [16,1Knots] (265,5 m. in 32,0 s.)
250 meter run n3 = 29,7km/h [16,1Knots] (264,3 m. in 32,0 s.)
250 meter run n4 = 29,5km/h [15,9Knots] (261,9 m. in 32,0 s.)
250 meter run n5 = 29,4km/h [15,9Knots] (261,0 m. in 32,0 s.)

5 best 500 meter (at least) average = 29,1km/h [15,7Knots]

500 meter run n1 = 29,9km/h [16,1Knots] (514,1 m. in 62,0 s.)
500 meter run n2 = 29,3km/h [15,8Knots] (504,8 m. in 62,0 s.)
500 meter run n3 = 29,2km/h [15,8Knots] (503,2 m. in 62,0 s.)
500 meter run n4 = 28,9km/h [15,6Knots] (513,8 m. in 64,0 s.)
500 meter run n5 = 28,4km/h [15,4Knots] (505,4 m. in 64,0 s.)