"Regatta" module of provides you with a very complete analysis tool. It works both live or for debreiffing

You'll find here a guide with screen shots and explanations, but you can have a look too to the video tutorials (a link is duplicated in some other sections). Right-click and "save as" is advised since it's huge files :

Besides, you can check the applet playing a Windsurfing Regatta in France :

The main screen shows the tracks and the marks

The top right screen is for setting marks and path

The bottom right screen provides instant results

Here is a screenshot at the downwind mark

Most of the sailors are stamped with "Step 2", but Fra192 is stamped with "Step 3" since he've passed the second mark..."

On the bottom-right screen, you can see Fra-192 stamped with "Step 3", and a "lag at mark" equals to zero, since he's leading the race.

Get a full detailed table of the step after step performances for each rider, and get them ranked for any step (see "Analysing Steps" section).