Now the Regatta is set (marks and steps) or loaded from .regatta file, we can watch it immediately.

Eveything is automatic :

  • Each regatta data (ranking, lag at mark, etc.) is updated live in the table when time is moving
  • The scene is auto-centered on leader live.

Hence, all you have to do is playing time (click on start time, and/or move the time cursor wherever you want)

Here is the first step for most people (within start line and mark 1), except for two people who have passed mark 1.

The table is ranked automatically, from leader to last. Here is the content :

  • First column is rank.
  • Second is racer name.
  • Third is duration from start time (start time is given by first person crossing the start line)
  • Fourth is lag at mark. This is the most difficult to understand for most people, because it can be negative even for a racer not leading ! Why ? Let's give a quick explanation : the lag is given for LAST MARK, compared to CURRENT LEADER. If it is for last mark, it means it's a value concerning the past, no present. For this reason, it can be either positive or negative. It's positive is you passed the last mark AFTER THE CURRENT LEADER. It's negtive is you passed the last mark BEFORE THE CURRENT LEADER (then, it means you were leading him at that mark, and he passed you afterward). Of course, most of the time, this value is positive, because the it happens the leader leads from beginning to end !
  • Last column is very interesting, especially when used in LIVE tracking (see "live" section). Indeed, it's a computation which indicates an estimation of the time to the next mark according to current average speed. Since it requires enough data to get an average, it is available only after some time after passing a mark (for this reason, it first appears as "--" meaning unavailable). If the racer has a steady speed, this data will be very accurate.

Let's observe now the middle of the race

Below we've jumped the time near the end of the race. Most people have crossed the finish line, and so we can get their final ranking, as well as their final lag compared to leader.

About leader and auto-centering

As you'll see when playing a regatta, auto-centering on leader is done (you can stop it if you prefer. Go into the "parameters" of the view, and un-select the auto-centering enabling box).

But how leader is computed ? This depends of the next mark

  • If the next mark is an upwind or downwind buoy, the computation depends on projected distance on the wind direction. Hence, the upwind speed, vmg, etc. is taken into account...
  • Otherwise, direct distance is taken into account.

This way, you get a relevant ranking system at any step of the regatta, and an accurate analysis.