The second Setting step is the race path definition : what marks and in which order sailors have to pass them ?

To do so, we just have to choose successively in the marks list each mark to pass, in the right order. We call these "STEPS"

For each STEP, any mark can be choosen, even a mark already used (one mark can be used for several STEPS)

Besides these explanations, you can find a tutorial video here (right-click to save the file as...) :

To begin with, of course, we'll the start line we've created.

Double click on the mark name in the list, and it is added in the STEPS list :

We'll about the same for each other steps, each time double-clicking the relevant mark in the list.

There is just a particular point, as previously stated : "mark 3" is used twice, since the steps of this regatta are as follows :

  • Start line (Mark 1)
  • Go to first upwind mark (Mark 2)
  • Go to downwind mark (mark 3)
  • Go to second upwind mark (Mark 4)
  • Go back to downwind mark (so it's mark 3 again !)
  • And then cross the finish line (mark 5)

Hence, doing so, we get :

Regatta is now ready !

You can save it ("Regatta" menu, the "Save"), so that you can use it again later, and it's time now to replay it.